Got to subscription page:

Early Access is a Community dependent crowd funding campaign. We have decided to raise money in small amounts, with low subscription fees, to the whole of the archive, from hopefully many tango people!  Without you we will not succeed.

Early Access is a fully functional video player and search engine, which will allow you to browse the now digitized first wave of the Bridge to the Tango Archive. There are many advanced features that will require substantial investment, so we apologize in a dance for any part of the experience you find cumbersome or confusing. 

We need to raise money now to reach our initial goals. Once we have a stable site we will be investing in transcriptions, translations, programming for advanced features like comments, forums and shared user playlists. To succeed we'll need thousands of tango subscribers.

Help us by first subscribing, and then passing on the link to other dancers you know will be interested.

The subscription is for your personal use. We welcome the hosting of archive viewing parties. And we request that you ask attendees to subscribe, and/or donate. If you are charging a fee to attendees we request that you donate 25% of your proceeds to the archive.

Thank you!

-Daniel and the Team