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Welcome to our in house crowdfunding campaign! 

Early Access allows you to see 350+ videos comprising 200+ hours of content for $30/month, or $15/month charged annually. There are another 200+ hours still coming but we need your subscription to enable us to keep working. Please be a part of this unique project. Early Access includes:

  • Historic footage from early 20th century tangeros

  • Instructional videos of tango’s revival filmed during the 1990s featuring elders and next generation tangeros

  • Interviews, performances, classes, and milongas filmed during the birth of the Tango Tour industry between 1993 and 2001

  • Rare footage from The Best of Tango, a collaboration between Daniel Trenner and the first and only tango TV station of Buenos Aires during the 1990s

  • Excerpts from historic tango film and media

    Presently only half Daniel’s archive is digitized. By becoming an Early Access Tango Archive member, you help transform this labor of love into a vast tango resource that can be shared and expanded for current and future generations of tango dancers!

    Your Early Access subscription also grants you lifetime access to the entire archive, even as it continues to grow at this early access introductory price!

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How does your Early Access Subscription help us grow? Your support will:

  • Continue digitizing Daniel's ample analog library

  • Support archive curation and the development of content collections

  • Fund the technology needed to sustain the archive

  • Support the Artists who are still alive directly through their exposure in the Archive, and...

  • Support the extended tango community in Buenos Aires through our partnering with charitable organizations on the ground there, ones dedicated to the supporting the Tango Arts, and others that focus on the building of social Tango communities.

    Early Access rewards you with special opportunities and privileges over the life of the project, beginning with this special access to the whole of the content of the archive for as long as you stay subscribed!


Here's what you'll get with your Early Access Subscription:

Access to 200+ hours of instructional and historical video content

Access to all future published materials as the archive grows

Support new projects to help Tango Community Organizers in Buenos Aires during COVID

Support the surviving Bridge to the Tango Teachers and Artists

Reduced Early Access subscription price

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A tour of what's in the Archive!

Archival Videos

The Archival material, music and dance, is plentiful and includes some very rare footage garnered from Argentine movies, TV performances, tango-related movies, and private collections of 16 mm film. 

Explore Archival Videos

Instructional Video

The Bridge to the Tango Instructional Video series includes more than 70 volumes of an hour duration or longer. This collection features more than 50 artists who represent a cross section of the milongueros and young dancers who made up the tango’s revival in the 1980s and 1990s.

Explore Instructional Videos

Tour Classes & Interviews from Buenos Aires

Meet the Milongueros of Tango’s Revival in the 1990s. These invaluable Master Classes and Interviews never been released before now! Watch and listen as instructors demonstrate dozens of different styles and transmit their unique ideas in their own voices with simultaneous translation into English.

Explore Classes & Interviews


Many impromptu performances at dancehalls, classes, and clubs happened to end up on video. In addition to these recorded performances, this collection includes clips from "Best of Tango," a video series Daniel co-produced with the Tango TV station, SoloTango.

Visit the Milongas

Browse footage shot during Tour visits in the 1990s. Look beyond the dancers in the camera's focus and into the crowds to witness the wide variety of elders dancing in the 1990s before the flood of tourists changed the tango community.

Explore catalog

Daniel Trenner's Tango

Daniel's instructional videos are a good look at the tango's foundation analysed by a professional contemporary and jazz dancer who was a visiting professor at the state school of Contemporary Dance from 1987-1994.

While there he followed his curiosity about tango to meet the revival generation of Milongueros and youth.

And he has danced with a lot of tango's characters.

Visit Daniel's section

Daniel Before Tango

Daniel began his career as a contemporary dancer with specialties in Jazz, Tap, Contact Improvisation, Body Mind Centering (Bodywork and Experiential Anatomy), composition, and with his M.Ed. in Ensemble Dancing from Lesley College (1984).

Explore Daniel's work before Tango.

My name is Daniel Trenner...

Dancing since 1974, I arrived in Buenos Aires in 1987 teaching Contemporary and Jazz Dance, and spent the next 14 years learning about Tango and Argentine culture. I lived in BsAs during the tango's modern revival, and studied and danced with most of tango's major characters. I led 1500+ dancers on the first Tango tours ever, and produced more than 80 volumes of instructional videos, with more than 40 artists.

Read Daniel's Full Story

The first big wave of this newly digitized footage, over 20 years in the making, is now available on TrennersTangoArchive.com Early Access.

There is a lot here with much more to come, but completing the project will require help from the Tango community. Please become an early supporter of this project.

Subscribe! Donate your time, skills, or funds. Visit us in Massachusetts!

-Daniel Trenner, M.Ed.

Bridge to the Tango Founder, Contemporary and Jazz Improviser, Pedagogical Innovator, Dance Community Enthusiast.

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Crowd Funding Campaign

Early Access is a Community dependent crowd funding campaign. We have decided to raise money in small amounts from many tango people! 

Early Access is a fully functional video player and search engine, which will allow you to browse the now digitized first wave of the Bridge to the Tango Archive.

We need to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to reach our initial goals. Once we have a stable site we will be investing in transcriptions, translations, programming for advanced features like comments, forums and shared user playlists. To succeed we'll need thousands of tango subscribers.

Help us by first subscribing, and then passing on the link to other dancers you know will be interested. Host archive viewing parties.

Visit us and volunteer.

What We Need

We’ve  gone as far as a can without you.
Here's what your support will help us to achieve.

Analog to Digital

Analog video degrades over time and needs to be captured for preservation ASAP. Only about half of the collection is translated and accessible in digital form.

Editing Suite

Our video editing suite is over 15 years old and needs to be upgraded! Enhanced editing capabilities equals more frequent content uploads for subscribers.

File Storage

Our extensive video library, spanning over 25 years of work, will require more cloud and physical storage as the archive grows.

Platform Development

Playlists, comments, and forums are just a few features we'd like to bring to our platform. This requires further programming development and investment.

Transcription & Translation

These services may require professional staff on salary if the above wiki is either too hard to build and administer, or if not enough volunteer energy is available.

A future!

We will need your support for additional features and infrastructure that will inevitably emerge as we expand and evolve!

Visit the Archive

Join us in beautiful Massachusetts for Intensive Study, a combination of lessons with Daniel and self-guided research into the extensive on-site video and print Archives of Bridge to the Tango. There are now more than 350 video clips to browse, as well as a library of hard-to-find tango movies and instructional videos.

Come for a day, or for much longer. You can pay by the hour, or create your own program of study. You can come only to learn to dance, or you can come to deepen your knowledge of the form, gain supporting skills in teaching movement, and help with developing your own approach to Tango pedagogy.

Come to help. Do you have skills that align with our purpos?.
Let us know.